Please keep in mind that the information within these pages were written between 1987 - 1989 ... therefore, I strongly urge you to CLICK images and all other Links provided throughout the pages for an insight of this affairs continued process ... and the massive progressive growth of The handiwork of The Christmas Spirit.

My book - few have ever heard of - lies restless among millions of others cataloged at the Library of Congress - deemed to be the largest library in the World.  It may also be slumbering in one of the smallest libraries in the world, as well as numerous other places collecting dust.  It never had a chance of making it to the Best Sellers list, a reality I was quite aware of at the time, yet I knew it was not written in vain.

Our local news paper the News Review did a half page story about my book titled ‘The Christmas that wasn’t’.  And that caused a somewhat stir among folks.  I received several phone calls from rude and angry people.  There is a correct I need to make, as I was not a member of any church.  I mentioned to the journalist that we had attended The Church of Christ but it was for my husband, and we only attended a few times.  If you click on the photo image, you can enlarge and read it.

Someway, somehow I knew it would appear again.  From the time it was published in 1990 to 1996 a thing called the WorldWideWeb was connecting all walks of life.  Websites were abounding and so was a company called Amazon Books.  In 1996 it was brought to my attention by a friend that my book was listed for sale on their website as used copies - since by then new copies were no longer available - and at that time there were three for sale.  It seemed a miracle to me and that miracle has remained there ever since.

The WorldWideWeb may have been well on its way by 1996 but during the era of the late 80s there was nothing like it - but there was something amazing that was just coming on the market, and our local store started stocking what is called a computer.  With a Word Processing software on a floppy disk, it was a writer's dream machine ... my dream machine, but a dream I could not yet afford.  So in 1987 I first began the pages of my journey in the manner of the old fashioned handwriting way before I found a used typewriter at a garage sale.  It was tedious typing mounds of handwritten pages that not only appeared unprofessional but the entire task became overwhelming.  Eventually it was necessary to take the leap and in 1989 I was able to buy my first computer, first floppy disk, and first printer.  After I taught myself how to use the the amazing machine I had to retype the pages into the computer.  That’s when things began to move along much easier and things went much faster.  It saved a lot of time with spell checking, formatting, and neatly printing my manuscript too.  Needless to say, my journey was adventurous and long after having begun soon after the new year 1987 and ending at the end of 1992.  So as fascinating as it was to discover my book was on WorldWideWeb (now known as the Internet), by 1996 I had moved on.  The utter disappointment of its failure back then had healed with future understanding - its time had not yet arrived - but as time creeps closer to the year 2022, it's still there on Amazon Books listed for sale ... when it's available.

I have no idea how it got there, although I've tried to find out without success.  I'm just thrilled that it is and it's been interesting to watch over the years - that have turned into decades - observing the activity it has had. To my amazement it has appeared many times off and on.  I've seen the price listed anywhere from $12.95 to an 'unbelievable' $235.00, which sat there for quite awhile before disappearing, as all the others had before it.  I've also seen it unavailable for longs periods of time.  Also interesting has been the reviews that people have left from time to time.  Most have disappeared and were written in the 90's.  It was delightful and exciting to read the words of others opinions.  Most were kind and supportive, as well as grateful for my courage to write the book.  Some were not so kind ... in defense of their beloved Christmas spirit.  A reaction I was quite familiar with, and one that still exists today.

I believe there must be lots of copies out in the world somewhere.  Besides the publisher distributing copies around the country, I myself - for the next two years - marketed my book by sending letters and copies to specific people, various organizations, multitudes of different churches and ministers, including some well-known evangelists like Billy Graham. Kevin CostnerThere were also libraries, groups, and even celebrities (like Kevin Costner), plus TV talk shows and mainstream News outlets.

It's out there lurking in the darkness, waiting to rise into the light ... and after 30 years, the time seems right now to resound the message once again because more and more people are waking up and seeing through the veil.

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