The thought of writing my life biography had always seemed too overwhelming, yet, it’s something I had procrastinated about for many decades.  I finally found the inspiration to start the process many years ago, having compiled unfinished chapters ... bits and pieces here and there.  However, life has a way of sweeping us up onto other things and the motivation slips away, again and again.  By creating this place here gives me new inspiration, so I hope to continue working on writing future chapters, while completing what I had started.  It’s a very long story and knowingly it will take a lot of time.

My motivation began as I got older and realized how little my family knows what I have experienced, and I hope someday they will find a deeper understanding of my life through my stories, and perhaps find pieces of the puzzle to their own.   All the same, perhaps, it is I that needs to record my experiences - to best of my memories - before I’m too old to do so for whatever reason the future may hold. 

I have discovered among the countless souls I have met that most desire and want to leave some kind of presence of their existence behind, something they will be remembered by ... as if that shall have a lasting effect.  If time has shown us anything it is the undeniable fact most souls are forgotten ... faded away ... and it really is only those who have made a remarkable, historical presence in life that time seems to engrave in stone.

So yes, perhaps, by recalling my past, reliving those moments and reflecting upon them is best expressed openly, outwardly, and therefore this is what my biography is truly motivated by - not for self importance but rather for confirmation of my life -  I believe all life merits lasting remembrance.

I’ve been a private person most of my life and it’s not an easy thing to open the doors and windows of my past to whomever may find interest in my history. And if you do, I hope within the pages you’ll find inspiration and encouragement that might help in ways of finding inner strength, not only to endure your own personal struggles and hardships, but to have true joy with the greatest of gratitude.  My vision is to turn darkness into light through absolute faith, undying belief, and the courage to trust that “Everything has purpose ... has meaning and reason.”  When I look at my daughters and all my beautiful grandchildren they have brought into this world, clearly those words are ever-so true.  I can honestly say my life has been blessed!  I have never been a victim in my own skin, though I believe I was victimized.  I have always been a warrior for love, truth, and righteousness!  My heart has not hardened.

My passion to write my life story is incomplete and there is so much more to add that when I close the final chapter, I intend to start from the beginning, filling in missing pieces. My life experiences are not something to hide, they are something to share. I ask for your respect and integrity to honor my stories with personal interest and not self motive. I’ve tried to be as considerate as possible to those whom are all part of my journey. My hope is to be known for who and why I am, and to give courage and strength for others who may be or have had similar experiences. I know in my lifetime there have been those who gave that lifeline to me. We all need encouragement and support in times of hardship and distress. Surviving those moments to tell the story is often a true miracle. Many don’t survive.

Note: Various names throughout my writings have been changed.
Disclosure This volume of writings belongs solely to me in every aspect, shape, and form - though openly express.
Disclaimer: No part of my writings is intended to harm or discredit anyone. If in any way one may feel so, please accept my apology - the truth sometimes is not a pleasant memory.

As of May 2024, I will being going back through my Chapters to correct any errors I may have missed before. Some chapters may have little editing, whereas others may have entire additions. Where new content is added, I will use a green text color indicating the addition. I rushed through much of my writings to get most of it down, but I missed some experiences in the process I feel need to be included. 


Breath Of Life
Edited May 2024

The Void
Edited May 2024

The Unraveling
Edited May 2024

Into Bondage

Escape From Bondage

Oregon Journey

The Whirlwind

The General Manager

A Mother’s Desperation

A Mother’s Spiritual Battle

The Darker Forces

The House of Tragedy

The Great Escape

A Leap of Faith

Life in the Ozarks

Honor Your Mother & Father

A Daughter’s Tribulation

The Final Crossing

As Life Goes On
Yet to come ...


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