The Vision’s Aftermath – 2007 - 2020



For many weeks after those three nights I was consumed with every detail of my visions with rousing my thoughts.  I didn’t want to forget anything so I decided to start writing it all down.  I had no intention of telling anyone because I felt entrusted to keep it sealed up.  I remember sitting at my PC, ready to begin, my thoughts getting organized to unleash it all, but as soon as I placed my hands on the keyboard my fingers froze and all my thoughts went blank.  In the emptiness of my mind I heard the words “Seal it up, until its time” drift slowly into my thoughts sending a powerful reminder of my oath.

Until that moment I understood those words to mean to keep the experience and all that I received to myself … to never speak about it until its time.  I knew then I wasn’t to even pen one word, type one letter, or utter one syllable, and I marvelously felt assured that not one single memory of what I had experienced would be forgotten.

This eye opening understanding gave me a richer purpose … and I had to trust that purpose.  I had to believe that if it had such purpose it would be well-preserved, to be unveiled in its time.  It was a gifted experience and although I still do not know the fullness of the purpose it holds, just knowing there is something so great alive in me has kept me focused.

In the days and weeks and months and years ahead, I first felt compelled to find answers regarding Cleopatra.  The thought of it was mind boggling and I wondered what the words meant, the cries of “deception and lies”.  These wails for truth and redemption continued to haunt me - from time and times - as they continue to do so with a deeper empathy for the suffering I felt in the souls whose wailing have not ceased to remind me of their captivity.

The Case for “Cleopatra:  Having had little to zero interest in the Egyptian Queen, I only knew what everyone else seemed to know … stories taught in our history books, nonfiction documentaries, and lots of fictional tales … many luring the minds of those in the film industry.  It puzzled me as to why this vision came, and came so very powerfully.  Making sense of it was something I felt most compelled to do and I spent the next immediate days searching online to find out why.

I was stunned when I discovered an article published in 1888 by the Ohio State University in Detroit.  Its title, “The Druggists' Bulletin by B. W Palmer, A. M., M. D.” was a monthly "Exponent of Pharmaceutical Progress and News" and in Volume 2 makes a claim that Cleopatra did not die from a snake bite.  From there I found the same claim from another article published in the LA Times, titled, “Scholar Questions: Cleopatra’s Snakebite Death,” dated March 15, 1992.

In amazement it electrified me to see that it wasn’t just some crazy thing in my head, but that the images and voices and pleas were truly reaching out to me.  Their cries for truth still send chills of their woes … and, this, was my affirmation.  I believe the suspicion has been a question, a doubt, a thorn throughout Cleopatra’s history that gets glazed over by fantasy and storybook tales.  I also believe retribution shall prevail … a comforting thought still lingering throughout the ages.

Over the years I occasionally researched for any new information and up until 2010 the same story line was being engraved into every written and spoken word.  However, between 2010 and 2015 the storybook tale was once again shedding light on the truth, challenging the century old lie … and the evidence of it had spread worldwide on Mainstream news.  It seemed hopeful the truth would burst open the gate holding it captive, but the truth was once again concealed.  If there has been anything more recent on this I have failed to find it.  Something most powerful does not want this truth exposed, which I imagine hasn’t a thing do with having to rewrite history.  Though history is already being rewritten.

The article “Poison, Not Snake, Killed Cleopatra,” Scholar says (CNN June 30, 2010) isn’t the only challenge to arise in recent times.  It appears a chain reaction was set off and by 2015 the BBC ran an article titled, “Snake, Not Guilty of Killing Cleopatra” on October 21, 2015.  Lots of media latched onto this new evidence (or theory as some think of it) and many publications were running the story.  It never has been taken serious, though the serious won’t let it fade.

As incredible and strange as it may be I knew there was purpose in my awakening to the awareness of such truths.  Although I did not know what that purpose might be, or what it is, I did concluded, then, that perhaps this was all I needed to know.  To be a witness and a force for what was already in force perhaps was enough to ease the suffering … yet, the haunting still prevails.

I suppose the vision that disturbed me most was the sight of our future world.  The scale of it was most disturbing.  Knowing I would live to see those images of pain and sorrow, of terror and despair had caused such anguish it darkened my spirit for a while, a long while.  I didn’t know when or where or how it would take place, but the magnitude of it was something I couldn’t fully comprehend ... I knew I couldn’t let it consume me.  I had to believe I was shown such things for a purpose, yet it took some time to work it out in my head and go on with living … although, the revelation is still most vivid.

Between 2007 and 2011 my life had gone through some major changes.  In 2009 I sold my home in Arkansas and returned home to Oregon.  Lots of life filled my space before things were finally settled down.  Then, on March 11, 2011, my horrifying vision became a frightful reality.  Japan had one of the largest earthquakes ever and that caused a devastating tsunami in which the world had never seen.  The worst of it … a nuclear disaster no one could ever imagine … the Fukushima Daiichi reactor meltdown.  Watching the frightful horror go on for months and then years that has never ceasaed, I already knew its endless destruction.  I had already seen in my vision, and my heart literally sunk into a deep prayer ...a prayer that continues everyday.  I remember well, so clearly the rotting from the inside out ...  and the words, “The invisible until it is not”, are words I see coming into undeniable focus today as time takes its deadly toll.

When that devastating event happened I trembled as the whole world trembled.  The entire occurrence was shocking, alarming, disturbing, and frightening.  For first time in my lifetime the world foundation was shaken on many levels. The ripple effect, the ripple effect, the ripple effect echoes.

Then, just as my vision had shown, the thought of it had gradually disappeared in the midst of everyday life.  Many times I brought it up in conversation to discover just how sad that reality is.  Most had become numb over time forgetting it ever happened.  The media downplayed every warning  - as they continue to do - easing the masses with entertainment and filling them with other terrors to concern themselves.

I watched the ripple effect year after year, gathering news wherever it was available.  It became a subject few wanted to touch, but others continued to fight the good fight for truth, though it seldom reaches the masses.  I watched, and when the five year marker had come things began to look different ... alarm bells began to ring, louder and louder and louder still.  And now as the new decade approaches with 2020 within a blink of time, those cries, those wails, those voices are and will grow stronger with the passing of time because there are too many undeniable signs.  People are screaming “Wake Up!” 

The Mainstream Media must have a gag order to stand down on this issue, and for good reason … the reality of it would send the world into utter panic.  But as the issue begins to multiply – as I had seen in my vision - the reality of the world’s worst nightmare will consume the masses … it will be headline news … it already is, just consider the ocean alone, unbelievable nonstop flow of radioactive waste water pouring in the sea day and night, day and night.  Some ‘experts’ say the ocean is dying.  The truth is there, you just have to search for it.  It’s only unseen until you see it, and then you can’t unseeit.  For a good read, “Japan Earthquake & Tsunami of 2011: Facts and Information” by LiveScience.

‘It’s not over’: 12 years after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster


Japan to dump radioactive water into Pacific Ocean


Further evidence continued to present itself and at the seven year marker things began to take a turn.  It’s not just our marine ecosystem that is showing signs of destruction, nor is this horrific incident the sole cause because it began long ago, but it was what pushed things over the edge … as one might say.  The cancerous death of radiation has been flowing into our environment for decades … on all levels, seeping into every pore of creation.  Both the invisible and the visible are at work breaking down the laws of nature.  The Mainstream News does well in smoothing over the terrible truths … but they know what I know … and what many thinkers know: The increase in animal ‘die-off’s’; mutations; cancer and brain deterioration; birth defects; lung disease; and the ever growing list goes on.  All of life is becoming ever more sickened as our toxic air, toxic soil, toxic water, and toxic food is beyond repair … any thinker can figure it out.  SOSThings are going to get worse, and as things get worse the preparations for the new world environment shall lead the masses with fear … and that fear is coming in way of Climate Change.  Ripple Effect.   “A wake up call': New report highlights climate change acceleration

Sadly, I see the time drawing nearer for the transformation of future generations.  The time when survival is becoming the only option, to accept the new environment or to perish.  Certainly the future is already at the doorstep, the one created by the hands of man and machine … workings that have been in preparation for a long, long time.  I did not see myself among this time of future generations … which gave me a sense it would be after my passing … which could be tomorrow or sometime in the next 30 years.  Not too far in the distance.

Since my vision many things have come to make sense as I watched and researched other mysterious wonders that was awakened within me.  The deeper knowledge of energy and its sources, uses, and powers of God’s creation is incredible.  How life was designed to perfectly function through an invisible networking connection, which was designed to take care of life itself in harmony.

When mankind discovered the Creators invisible domain it was thus harnessed by those in power for advancements in the world of technology.  The more they took control of life’s force, the further the entire structure has become comprised.  Over time, overuse and misuse, the system has been breaking down.  The system is corrupted.  The virus that was implanted is rewriting the code.  Nothing is the same anymore.  Everything is off balance and we see this truth.  The emergence into a new environment is merging – where all God’s creation has been recreated, imitated, and someday fully materialized.

I began to study these things that had been awakened in me.  I only had bits and pieces, clues and wonders that lead me to search deeper understanding of them.  I started with the discovery of wireless communication which was first tapped into in the late 1800’s.  As the 20th Century arrived so did an explosion of new ways to tap into the source of life’s invisible forces.  The changes in balance were small at first but they grew bigger with the further advancements in things like Wi-Fi, holograms, weather manipulation, illusions, mind control, and even cloaking (among many other things) have found ways to control and use the invisible power to create and shape the world.  In my vision the future of the world will be like a wireless network, like a hive, like God … but first God’s creation must be completely destroyed.  I did not see that coming to pass.

I came to understand the invisible rays my inner eye was able to observe when light beams were crisscrossed in every which way from one end of earth to the other … where once they were perfectly aligned in their place, functioning in absolute accordance.  At first it appeared none of the rays were touching, though they emitted waves appearing as a glow in multi-shades, sizes and shapes.  Then I saw the rays bouncing and pinging and bending and twisting, and every movement was disrupting and shattering the very fiber of our original reality … confusing the senses, deafening instincts, breaking down the balance of all living life … and the oddness of it is how differently it effects different groups of people, according their DNA.

For myself, I believe I was shown these things for a purpose to help me understand my own condition, a condition they eventually termed Fibromyalgia.  When I was first diagnosed in 1990 it wasn’t called that.  It called Fibrositis.  Not much research was going into this rare development until it increased and exploded into view.  It took years but I concluded that it had to do with the onset of cell towers and cell phones and eventually wireless network, among other invisible things out there.  Each year the situation grows worse, demanding further research, and not one mention of this connection.  I didn’t make the connection for a long time, but it was the only thing that made sense, yet I didn’t understand why until I saw my vision.  I had gone to a specialist in arthritis and bursitis in 1990 when I thought that is what might have been causing my bodily pain and fatigue.  I had been suffering with it for several years when it became unbearable.  He told me it was very rare and there had not been much research done but they were trying a drug called antatripoline which I had taken for 10 years before I was able to finally get off of it.

I had first tried quitting the medication after 5 years of use because it didn’t seem to be helping all that much … and it was knocking me out at night to where I was afraid I wouldn’t wake in the case of an emergency.  However, I discovered I could not just stop taking the medication when I broke out in hives.  I got rid of the hives with medication and started taking the antatripoline again.  A year later I tried to slowly go off of it again, gradually, but that didn’t work either as the hives returned.  Finally after 10 years I was able to rid myself from that medication once and for all.  It took months but I achieved my goal and I’ve been medication free ever since.  The pain has lessened over the years as I came to understand it in a deeper sense and was able to mentally encircle myself with protection, something I discovered in my research.  The rare thing I had in 1990 is no longer rare as it effects millions, and it’s rapidly paced along the path of the ever-growing cell towers, microwaves, electromagnetic fields, and now 5G is unleashing.

What can’t be seen is the zillions of invisible rays penetrating across the land, into the sea, through mountains into space, buildings, walls, roofs, and most every living and nonliving things.  We really are the frogs in boiling water.  As of 2020 what I have suspected and warned others has been researched and written about in many publications - this is just one example: Fibromyalgia and Wi-Fi.  Do a little research and learn all about what I self discovered decades ago, that now is becoming a serious concern.

Since the door opened to unseal my vision, and although I wrote all I could remember in the moment of expressing it, other memories continue to float to the surface.  I remember seeing a street lined with homeless people, shacks and tents laid in the backdrop.  It was dark and dirty and I heard children crying.  Then I saw ghostly figures of transparent black walking among the street and I knew it was the spirits of oppression.  The spirits of oppression are consuming millions.  The spirits of oppression have been walking the earth for eons.  The force felt so strong that there was no escape and the souls surrendered to that fate.  More and more each day surrender to that fate.  This is the reality of the symptoms caused by the ripple effect.  How bad is it? Global Homelessness Statistics.

I’m sure when it’s time more memories will float into focus.  Some parts of my vision are not fully expressed in the visions I wrote of, some are weaved into the chapters of The Guide Souls where they are better fitted.  I named this book based on a lifetime of being and walking with my guides but never knowing, never fully understanding until the vision of 2007.

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