Welcome to my pathway into the many journeys I have traveled in this life.  It's been a challenging life, indeed.  I have walked and crawled and ran at times to and fro from adventures to nightmares and many strange encounters in between.  The one thing I know, the one absolute thing I have known are visions.  They have always been a mysterious and enlightening part of my life.  Many have been personal only unto myself, while some have been personal to and for others.  But it’s the visions that are much deeper, and some much darker, that are more powerful to me.  I have concealed most during my life, like secrets, and I have often thought others would think I was strange - and perhaps it is strange to most.  But such things don’t appear so strange anymore, and seem rather common in these times, but I am aware and concerned that many are deceptions, and I know the power of deception.  All the same, I feel it’s time to open up and share my experiences, to speak freely no longer in fear ... no longer a need to guard my life from exposure.  I certainly am not a psychic, just someone who has had a lifetime of strange and disturbing experiences, in the midst of all the wonderful things my life has blessed me with.

No one can say my life was boring, and so many said I should write a book.  I suppose this is my way of writing that book.

Many, many people have expressed their shock of what I have lived through, and yet I can still retain a positive, hopeful, and uplifting spirit throughout it all.  I wasn't destroyed, though I was weakened and battered down by the dark forces that sought my destruction, as that is how I felt most strongly those experiences were - attacks.  They truly made me stronger, and gave me knowledge and wisdom that I have been able to go on and help others understand, to find strength, to believe in faith ... for faith is what gave me strength. 

I have learned visions come in many ways.  There are visions in the material sense.  There are visions in the mental sense.  And there are visions in the spiritual sense.  Most only see and know the material and mental senses.  My writings, my work, my life has been built upon the spiritual foundation my path has taught me, and I want to share all that I can in all the ways I have been given to do so.

If you take the journey through the pathway I hope you discover things of interest, something of personal value, an inspiration or courage, and I hope my soul might touch others in a deeply meaningful nature along the way.  ~~ judith

VisionsFromAfar are my personal experiences living through them from a distance, recalling memories of my past.  There are many parts and I surely cannot express them all, so I’m sharing what inspires me most.  Each path is listed , each door is a different subject with different titles, yet, are all part of the whole. This site is a work in progress ... there’s so far to go.

bullet05  Conversations is filled with various subjects, interests, observations, and personal experiences in my life.  Most names have been changed in my stories, to protect their identify, many have not.
(Updated 10/27/23)

bullet05 My Autobiography is the story of my life journey, almost complete but far from the whole travels my path and past has swept me along. Honestly, too many details to the stories just exceed what I could put into words. NEW CHAPTER EIGHTEEN 04/15/2024

bullet05 The GuideSouls - The Night Visitors is a detailed encounter I had in 2007 while living alone in the Ozarks.  I had never had an experience of this magnitude and it changed my life in a very real awakened enlightenment, that took me years before being able to put it into written words, or even speak of it to anyone.  For me it was a once-in-a-lifetime gift.  As the years passed, I watched and observed things unveiled to me in those visions.

bullet05 The Affirmation: The Vision’s Aftermath – 2007 - 2020

bullet05  Book of Poetry was an era of deep spiritual, soul seeking self discovery, of sorts, which led to each and every poem I inscribed.  Then as years went by, I sometimes found inspiration along the way of life to add more pieces of what would one day compile into a book. Each one is deep and personal in their own time and space.

bullet05  My Ancestral Roots is a very long journey I spent a year consumed into a world that surprised me beyond belief.  I am not foolish to think that every word is accurate, but close enough that I was able to find personal value in the stunning research I discovered.  I had to find a point to set it aside, perhaps another time I may search deeper.  I feel it helped me understand who I am, and why my life has been the way it has, a warrior spirit.  I felt a true closeness with my ancestors in a way I have no words.  I’m so thankful I was able to take this path and experience the visions it has given me.

bullet05  About Christmas is a book I published in 1990.  I spent three years of my life working on this project that never did receive much attention, and much of the attention it did get was negative. This book is intended for those who, who like myself, grew overwhelmed and disappointed in Christmas, and that set me on a path that was unexpected and personally devastating. I had always held Christmas as one of the most important celebrations a Christian can honor.  I was taught since I could walk and talk that Christmas was special and as a Christian, it was my devotion and love of the Lord that I carry it on into future generations.  I regarded it as a sacred holiday.  To learn the truth was a life-changing experience, and many of those who have read my book discovered it had also changed their life ... though some not as deeply as I.  This book is for you if you desire to know the religious truth and seek to unchain your heart and soul from serving the spirit of this day, which is a season based upon false reason, and not only find freedom but a glorious truth from a cleverly disguised deception of December 25th.  I have come to an understanding, throughout time, to adapt to the season of festivities, family and friend gatherings, watching people grasp that temporary ‘feel good’ time of the year that is ushered in with song and drink and mesmerizing lights that disappear soon after - while so many grumble throughout it all - while others try to hang on to that spirit as long as they can.  It’s a time of year when I feel deep compassion among the growing stress and financial burden that continues to grow weary for so many - from the homeless to the merchants.  I see people trying to make the best of it, and expressing how glad they are when the season is over.  But for those who can afford to make it the best time of their life, it’s a worst time for those who suffer with nothing.  If there was ever a time of the have’s and have not, Christmas is a great magnifier.  So many people say Christmas just isn’t what it used to be, but I found Christmas is exactly what it was intent to be.  Update 10/29/23 Publishers and personal mail-out list and news paper article added.

bullet05  DesignsByJudith.com was created for the purpose of designing graphic designs for various clients and for various purposes. At one time I created custom business cards for a private company.  I have created book covers for several authors. I worked 12 years for a Maui Real Estate company creating all their advertising material.  Eventually DesignsByJudith became a place to express the visions that transpired into multitudes of graphic designs.  They are spirit inspired and yet many of them I do not know for what.  I only know I was captivated and energized to create them.  I created so many I had to put them in multitudes of different galleries.  I have found that if you study them closely, they reveal messages hidden deep within them.   Many I have pondered in wonder.

bullet05  CaptureAVisions.com is dedicated to my domain host server where I host a variety of different websites, some I designed myself.  I have had this business since 1996, and over the course of  time I have hosted nearly 100 web site domains.  When free social media came about, many of my former clients discontinued their sites.  Some sites I have had for nearly 25 years.  I created CaptureAVision as a place where I can share others visions ... at an affordable cost with my full-time tech service.  I’ve been using a computer before there was ever an internet.  My business included system repair and private lessons.  Yet, in all my attempts to make it my support system, that just never came about.  But when I got into real estate, it was a huge advantage.  At one time computers were my great passion and back in the day, I was way ahead of most.  How times have changed ...

bullet05  Work Experience is a list of the types of jobs I have done throughout my life.  I retired from ReMax real estate company after the office shut down due to Covid19 in 2020.  During the period they were closed, the owner merged with another ReMax company that took over when the office reopened.  Unfortunately my position was eliminated when the new owner decided to close the office on weekends - which I loved very much working part-time during the five+ years I worked there.  I decided to fully retire.

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